Game Design

High quality, engaging games
made for Facebook, IOS & Android.


Costs vary depending on the complexity of the game and generally vary from £4000-£32000. Cost covers the design, development and publishing of the game to the App Store, Googleplay Store and Facebook.
Simple games can be completed in as little as 4 weeks, more complex games can take up to 8 months. The timescale will be determined at the start of the project once your requirements have been assessed and the design of the game agreed upon.
After discussing your initial requirements and objectives we will create a Game Design Document (GDD). The GDD will outline all the main functionality and elements of your game. You will then review the document and have the opportunity to make changes. Throughout the development process you will receive regular milestone updates to which you can review and give feedback. Once the web based version is completed we will port the game to mobile. Finally, we will publish your game under accounts set up for your business as well as from your business' Facebook page.
Simply contact us to let us know what you're looking for and we can get started!
game design

How can a game benefit your business?

We create digital experiences that have the power to engage, educate and inspire thousands and possibly millions of players.

game control A game/app is a unique, innovative way to help your business grow and stand out.

Key benefits:
Drive a potentially huge amount of traffic to your website or business
Educate a large audience about your product or services in a fun engaging way
Stand out from the competition

Service covers:
The design and development of a fully functional high quality game
Licensed music and SFX
Unlimited revisions
Publishing to Facebook, App store and Google Play store including any associated costs
Marketing material including screenshots, thumbnails and 30 second video trailer
Advanced analytics

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